Amazing Steak Lunch in Bangkok

Written by Aksel Ritenis

Amazing Steak Lunch in Bangkok

*Reprinted from my personal  review placed on tripadvisor
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As a professional Wine Food Travel writer and publisher ,.who has enjoyed many great and privileged experiences at some of the world’s top hotels and restaurants I recently shared a Birthday Lunch,.. with my brother, Bangkok Bobs,..comprising superbly Grilled Australian Steak,.. and I was pretty much blown away by the experience!

I have seen a lot of pretence and “rip offs” in my time and as far as I am concerned “simplicity is elegance.” A Steakhouse has one prime objective in their mission statement ,.. to serve up the best possible steak with some simple accompaniments,.. like great Garlic Bread ,,great Salad ,..Portobello Mushrooms,..etc.,Great potatoes and a Good Aussie or California Red!

The adjoining table shared a bottle of Chateau Grand Puy du Cas,..a charming and spicy red from Pauillac ,..(a great wine for an excellent steak experience) which I used to import as a Wine Merchant in Europe in years gone by. Whilst the restaurant does not pretend to be a luxury 5 star restaurant it is comfortable ,..has understated Mediterranean overtones and this allows the diner to focus on the “job at hand “,.which is to enjoy the best steak in Bangkok,..

The accompanying dishes belong to the “simple but classic repertoire”,.such as great Garlic bread ,.great s=Salad ,..(We started with some Jamon Serrano cut from the Leg of Jamon…You can have Oysters if you wish ,..or Seafood entrees too… But of course there is nothing like a high quality Aussie Beef steak and this comes from the legendary Jacks Creek ,..(voted the best steak in the world) and cooked/broiled or Grilled in a legendary Josper Charcoal Grill at a high temperature.

I know the prices of Top steak restaurants around the world,.. including my home bases such as London and Sydney and this was very reasonable on the price /quality ratio,..It would have cost double the price in Sydney that is for sure,..because here You are only paying for the retail value of the steak (which you can select from the Vitrine) and a cooking Fee!,….. How good is that ?

The legendary Josper Grill

In fact the price of steak here might be on a par with the price in the local Wine Connection chain,.

But don’t tell Bob that he is underpriced!.

As for the steak itself ,..Go for a marbled one with lots of Fat is my advice because on a Grilled steak “Fat is Flavour” !..I quaffed on a glass of Aussie Hunter Valley Wyndham Estate Shiraz which was dry and had good balance and structure,.. and very good as the Wine by the Glass option,.and they serve some Classic Desserts such as Crème Brûlée,..“not as good as the one I had in Paris recently ,..but damn well good enough! “

As the the publisher of Connoisseur Magazine I am willing to stake(“steak”)  my reputation on this by recommending this place very highly!

The staff are friendly and efficient ,.and I  can’t recommend this place highly enough ,..

Bob is actually a very serious  Businessman (originally from the UK) and started the  Import and Distribution  Of High Quality Meat Beef and Lamb to the Leading Hotels and Restaurants of Thailand way back in the mid 70’s .and I suspect this is basically his Retail showroom,..where he can mix with local gastronomes,expats and Thai Steak afficionados ..and keep his finger on the pulse!  It has been suggested by other reviewers that they are part of  part of Choicefoods, an Australian beef importing company, be that as it may.

I rather like these quotations found on tripadvisor”

“Bangkokbobs prides itself in providing the world’s best steaks grilled by the world’s best oven, and that’s the core essence that #steaklovers like us could ask for.”

“The star of the show that I had today was Jack’s creek Black Angus Grain Fed.”

The management and staff are pros and will accomodate your wishes with their “gentle and friendly hospitality”, I am looking forward to my next visit.

You can also order the best Beef or Lamb and other Gourmet Foods  in Bangkok on line (on the e-commerce site) as well,…Happy wonderings!

Bob’s Grill & Bar




959 Soi Pridi Bhanomyong 37, Sukhumvit 71, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok, 10110


Top-quality imported beef, meats and gourmet products at the best prices​

Editors note: They  pride themselves on being one of the leading importers of Australian beef in Thailand. Offering premium quality beef while keeping the prices affordable has been our goal since the start.

You will find  a wide variety of beef from top Australian brands here, from grain- to grass-fed, Wagyu to Black Angus, and steak cuts to whole pieces—all without antibiotics and free from added hormones.

They Deliver anywhere in Thailand

*Apparently if You Select a timeslot at checkout and get free delivery for orders over 3,000 THB in Bangkok (4,000 THB elsewhere)


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