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Written by Aksel Ritenis

{jcomments off}The Connoisseur: An Illustrated Magazine for Collectors, was founded in 1901, “and was one of the finest magazines for art lovers and collectors of art and decorative arts ever published, containing an astonishing variety of collectibles, excellent professional articles and plenty of fantastic illustrations in monochrome and in color. Beyond the articles that it published, the magazine was also noteworthy for its stylish design.”


The Connoisseur had the subtitle “an illustrated magazine for collectors” and would include in its subject scope “anything that any reasonable person collects, not only furniture, porcelain, pottery, prints, books, manuscripts, fiddles and old silver, but also coins, medals, autographs, posters and stamps”.

Almost all of the magazine’s articles were accompanied with high quality pictures.

During the 1970s and the early 80s the American edition of Connoisseur specialized in articles on antiques, opera and art. It was published by Hearst Corporation through Hearst Corporation Magazines and was edited from 1981 to 1991 by Thomas Hoving before Hearst Magazines announced that it would merge the monthly into another of its titles, Town & Country, ending the age of Connoisseur Magazine. Thomas Hoving was, along with his memoirs of his time at the Met, also the author of books on a number of art-related subjects, including art forgeries, Grant Wood, Andrew Wyeth, Tutankhamen and the 12th-century walrus ivory crucifix known as the Bury St. Edmunds Cross. Additionally in 1999, he wrote the text for the Art For Dummies book in the “…For Dummies” series.

The French verb connaitre translates as “to know or be familiar with”. In popular modern English a person described as a “connoisseur” is a person who is said to have a great deal of knowledge about the fine arts, or that is believed to be an expert judge in matters of taste, including arts and antiques, antique furniture, modern art and contemporary society. The term has evolved so that internationally, the term connoisseur is also used in the context of gastronomy, i.e. in connection with fine food, beer, wine, tea and many other products whose consumption can be pleasing to the senses.

Modern connoisseurship is also related to museums, art galleries and “the cult of originality”. Connoisseurs evaluate works of art on the basis of aesthetic conclusions. The responsibility of the connoisseur is to attribute authorship, validate authenticity and appraise quality.

Collectors or aficionados are a type of connoisseur. Sometimes collector and connoisseur refer to the same people. But one essential aspect of the concept is that the true Connoisseur will have an enquiring mind and try to “probe further” and not accept things at “face value” – so it is an attitude of mind that distinguishes the true connoisseur.

In 2008 with the Hearst trademark passed over to Connoisseur Publishing in the UK, the new editorial team under editor Axel Ritenis, embarked on a new direction, seeking to modernize whilst still building on old foundations and traditions. It has been developed into a platform for showcasing fine arts, antique furniture or antique collectablessuch as jewellery or watches, wines and gastronomy.

We have developed a new format for the magazine with a renewed focus on arts & culture more in keeping with the historical legacy and traditions of Connoisseur Magazine in its former life.

For instance the publishing of the 2012 Summer Edition of ConnoisseurMagazine coincides with the London Olympics. Our correspondents have compiled a comprehensive Arts and Culture Guide with a mass of information about art galleries, exhibitions, theatre and cultural events as well as exciting lifestyle related articles covering restaurants, wine and travel tips…and not forgetting the shopping guide!

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• Culture (theatre, opera, ballet, dance)

• Fashion



• Fine wine and gastronomy


At Connoisseur Magazine we seek to present first-class stories, writers, photographers, insider in­formation and interesting offers. It is ideal for those who want to indulge in la dolce vita in all its facets, who want to discover new tastes and trends and indulge their passion for discovering travel destinations, exotic hideaways, luxury cruises and hotels. Connoisseur Magazine is designed to enrich and inform!

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