Thomas Heatherwick’s Eden project in Singapore

Written by Aksel Ritenis

Thomas Heatherwick’s Eden project in Singapore

Thomas Heatherwick’s Eden project in Singapore is a recently completed residential project that may be on your radar – one that’s at the forefront of a design trend being driven forward exponentially by the pandemic and set to become one of the iconic buildings of our time.

Thomas Heatherwick’s first completed residential project and his second project in Singapore, Eden is a manifestation of biophilic living.  Especially as architects respond to the new age of the pandemic, this has amplified and speeded up a process that the world was already recognizing – the benefits of living with nature. I wanted to see if it may be a fit for anything you’re working on in the months to come?  More information is below and I look forward to your feedback.

With more and more affluent individuals from across the globe considering Singapore for their next real estate purchase – one ultra-luxury high-rise stands as a towering achievement marrying wellness-inspired architectural biophilia and opulent urban living: Eden.  Unlike the other nearby steel and glass luxury towers reaching up towards the sky in the highly-desirable District 10 area, this uniquely distinctive building inspired by Singapore’s vision of ‘City in a Garden’ is immediately recognizable as the stark juxtaposition.  As such, it’s poised to become one of the iconic residential buildings of our time.

Developed by Swire Properties, a company globally renowned for its impressive portfolio of luxury properties across mainland China and Hong Kong (including OPUS which had a record-breaking unit that sold for over $55MM), as well as in Miami, Eden is a collaboration with highly-acclaimed and award-winning designer Thomas Heatherwick. The first completed residential project in Singapore for both Swire and Heatherwick, the 22-story, ultra-luxury residential building is designed around the scientific principle that demonstrates a strong correlation between physiological and psychological wellbeing for man when nature is ever-present in urban living environments- leading to a longer and more meaningful life.

Heatherwick has designed 20 freehold apartments, each occupying one full-floor and upending the traditional floorplan found in most towers, with an imaginative design that pulls apart the conventional cookie cutter layout and expertly places the four en-suite bedrooms, as well as the service areas, on the perimeter- allowing for a spacious, light-filled central living area that brings the verdant greenery inside. Tropical gardens abound in the archetypal balconies set into the three sides of full windows, opening expansively to provide the luscious luxury of cross ventilation, and framed by 270-degree breathtaking views of the city- all while providing complete privacy.


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