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Company uses the lockdown to finetune a new way of operating, with COCA Boutique Farms producing organic, sustainable ingredients and vegan menu items in the post-COVID-19 environment

BANGKOK, THAILAND (20 August, 2020) – Mango Tree and COCA Restaurants Worldwide, the world’s leading Thai restaurant operator, is getting back to business in Asia with the reopening of its dining destinations, a renewed focus on natural cuisine, and a brand new supply chain model to ensure healthy and sustainable produce.

Like all of the world’s restaurant providers, Mango Tree and COCA was acutely impacted by COVID-19 and the global restrictions placed on the travel and hospitality. At the peak of the outbreak, 68 of the group’s 71 outlets were forced to close. With the world now starting to reopen however, 62 of these locations have now relaunched, in line with the “new normal” of advanced safety and sanitation standards.

During the lockdown, the world saw many inspiring examples of how nature was able to recover and thrive, away from the impact of humans – from the appearance of blue skies over usually smoggy cities to the return of wildlife to tourist areas. Embracing this eco-friendly ideal, Mango Tree and COCA has used its enforced operational hiatus to pioneer a new era of organic farming.

The COCA Boutique Farm is dedicated to cultivating local and seasonal produce in a highly responsible manner. Initially, this farm will feature five greenhouses for fresh herbs and vegetables such as chilis, aubergines, bitter gourds, mustard greens, Thai basil, bok choi, coriander, rocket, kale, spinach and more. It also has fruit orchards with mango and banana trees, large fish ponds and free-range chicken runs.

These facilities will be run in partnership with local communities and in line with permaculture farming philosophies and techniques. The concept has already been introduced to Thailand and will be gradually rolled out across Asia, ensuring that Mango Tree and COCA restaurants have a trusted source of natural ingredients. This will support the company’s focus on healthy dishes and drinks, including its recently launched vegan menus.

“The COVID-19 global pandemic has been a difficult time for everyone, especially in the hospitality industry. At Mango Tree and COCA however, we believe that every challenge also presents an opportunity, and the last few months have allowed us to advance our position as a pioneering provider of high-quality cuisine. That is not to say that the lockdown has been easy; regrettably we have lost a small number of restaurants and all six of our airport outlets remain closed.

“But with our strategy now finetuned, we expect to recover quickly. With our new model, underpinned by our growing network of COCA Boutique Farms, we’re now in a position to continuing expanding across the globe,” commented Trevor MacKenzie, Global Managing Director, Mango Tree and COCA Restaurants Worldwide.
Alongside this responsible culinary concept, the company is also adapting to the new realities of dining in the post-COVID-19 world, with enhanced hygiene practices and protocols that follow guidance from the World Health Organization (WHO). This includes social distancing in many areas, digital booking and payment systems, use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and more.

Mango Tree and COCA believes that the best way to ensure the long-term sustainability of its restaurants – and the global F&B industry – is to ensure that all ingredients are raised and sourced responsibly, free from chemicals, pesticides or other unethical practices. Diners at every Mango Tree or COCA restaurant can rest assured that their dishes will be produced in harmony with nature.

The group’s entire collection of non-airport restaurants in China, Hong Kong, Japan and the UAE are now operational, and the company has even launched a brand new restaurant at the Tokyo Dome. Mango Tree and COCA Restaurants Worldwide remains on track towards achieving its target of operating 100 outlets worldwide by 2025.

The Mango Tree group is a dynamic, innovative and fast-growing company that has a vision to bring authentic Thai cuisine with a creative twist to the world, and to plant a Mango Tree in every major world city. At the vanguard of the global Thai food explosion, the Mango Tree group comprises the Mango Tree, Mango Tree Bistro and Mango Tree Café brands, as well as Coca, the contemporary steamboat suki concept. The group’s heritage dates back to 1957, when Khun Srichai Phanphensophon opened the first Coca restaurant in Surawong, launching the suki trend in Thailand. The pioneering spirit continued when the group’s CEO and celebrity chef Pitaya Phanphensophon, Srichai’s son, opened the first Mango Tree restaurant in the heart of Silom in 1994. Today, the group operates more than 70 restaurants and Cafés in 13 countries in Asia and the Middle East. Part cultural ambassador and part culinary innovator, Mango Tree has charted a course to become the premier global Thai cuisine brand, delivering quality Thai cuisine, stylish design, and intuitive service that always exceeds diners’ expectations.

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